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W.G./Welch Mechanical Contractors, LLC (WGW) 

W.G./Welch Mechanical Contractors LLC (WGW) was formed on January 1, 2013. The company had previously been in business since 1995 and operated under the name W.E. Welch and Associates (WEW). The company was sold to William Tomko Jr. and William Tomko III allowing William Welch, the primary owner of WEW to retire. WGW took over the existing projects WEW had under contract. There were no defaults on any project, and there were no financial anomalies associated with closing of WEW and the formation of WGW.

Our project history includes mechanical systems for multi-family apartment and condominium projects, institutional projects such as private school and church facilities, and medical and commercial properties including office buildings, office tenant fit-outs, hotels, banks, restaurants, and service retail projects.

Our work is managed by a highly qualified office staff with diverse skill sets and performed by a quality-oriented team of experienced mechanics and managers.

From small tenant to large scale complexes, with our largest project to date valued in excess of $20M, we are confident we can provide the plumbing and mechanical services your project requires.

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